Room is based on a novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue (who also wrote the screenplay), which was nominated for the Man Booker prize in 2010. It is the story of a young boy named Jack who lives in ‘Room’ with his mum. His mum (Joy) was abducted 7 years earlier and has been kept in captivity in a shed, being repeatedly raped by her kidnapper. Joy has tried to protect Jack from the horror of their situation, and as such Jack is completely unaware that an entire world exists outside Room.

It is a very difficult subject matter, but despite not being an easy film to watch at times, it is excellent. The director (Lenny Abrahamson) shows the claustrophobia of Room by using close up shots and shots from Jack’s point of view. I have not read the book, but from what I understand it is told from Jack’s point of view, and this is reflected in the film with the point of view shots and occasional (sweet and funny) voiceovers from Jack.

The performances are all excellent, particularly from Brie Larson (Ma/Joy), and Jacob Tremblay (Jack) is a revelation.

One small detail that I was pleased to see, which may seem silly, is that Larson clearly was not wearing any make up and her hair looked greasy during the scenes in Room. It was so refreshing to see an actress actually reflect how someone would look having been locked in captivation for years. It can be so frustrating when actresses still look glamorous and made up despite having done something like run through a jungle or dragged through a hedge!

Anyway, this is one of the best films I’ve seen in a while. It is an emotional watch (I welled up a few times) so be prepared, but definitely not to be missed.


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