Asking For It by Louise O’Neill

This was very painful to read, not due to the writing, but the horrific events and the effect that they have on Emma, the protagonist.
At the beginning of the novel Emma comes across as shallow and self-centred. She is aware of her beauty, and is obsessed with boys finding her attractive. She will easily be pressured by others into doing things in order to be more popular, and this is used against her later in the novel.
The rape itself isn’t described as Emma can’t remember it, but the way that social media reveals what happened to her is sickening. It raises so many important points about victim shaming.
In a way, I would have preferred a more positive and encouraging ending, but I can understand why the author chose to focus on the devastation that rape can cause.


4 thoughts on “Asking For It by Louise O’Neill

    1. It is very gritty, I actually felt physically uncomfortable reading it at times. I don’t blame you at all for sticking to gentler things!
      Thank you very much! It took me ages to find a username that wasn’t already taken!


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