The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours is based on the true story of a rescue attempt by the Coast Guard off the coast of Cape Cod in 1952, during a storm which had destroyed a pair of oil tankers. Chris Pine plays Bernie Webber, who led the attempt.

The only word that springs to mind with this film is ‘okay’. The special effects are excellent, especially in 3D, showing the terrible weather conditions, the bravery of the crews and demonstrating why this has been called the greatest small boat rescue ever. However, everything else in the film leaves a lot to be desired. The scenes on the boats are far stronger than any of the scenes on land – I didn’t believe the love story between Bernie and Miriam (Holliday Granger) at all. Casey Affleck plays the reluctant leader of the crew on one of the destroyed tankers, and gives a good performance but isn’t really given that much to do.

The men’s bravery, and their success despite the odds definitely makes it a story worth telling, but I’m not sure whether this film really did it justice.


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