Rehearsal for Murder, Cardiff New Theatre

Yesterday evening I went to the New Theatre in Cardiff to see Rehearsal for Murder performed by the Classic Thriller Theatre Company. I’ll admit that I hadn’t really paid attention to the poster before arriving, and seeing as the font on the poster reading ‘Classic Thriller Theatre Company’ was incredibly similar to the font that is usually used to denote Agatha Christie’s name, I actually thought it was one of her plays! It is actually a play by the writers of Murder She Wrote, and this production was directed by Roy Marsden.

A year on from his actress fiancée’s (Amy Robbins) apparent suicide on the opening night of his new play, Alex Dennison (Robert Daws) invites the cast of the play back to the theatre to find who her murderer was. It’s hard to write much more about the plot without giving too much away, as there are a couple of great twists (one of our party had actually worked it out but the rest of us hadn’t!). There were strong performances from all, particularly from real life couple Daws and Robbins. I particularly admired Holly Ellis who played Sally – performing in a Welsh accent in front of a Cardiff crowd must be a little intimidating, and on the whole it was good.

One small criticism I would have, without giving too much away, is that the murder happened incredibly quickly, and it was unclear what exactly had killed her (i.e. was it a knock on the head?). However, everything else was strong. Amy Robbins’ costumes as glamorous film star Monica were particularly beautiful. The set was fairly simple but worked well doubling as an empty theatre stage and Monica’s flat effectively.

A wonderfully entertaining evening.


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