Deadpool is a wonderful addition to the numerous superhero films that are being made at the moment, and that is because it is deliberately tongue in cheek and makes fun of so many of the clichés we have come to expect from these franchises.

Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) who is turned into a mutant during treatment on the black market to cure his terminal cancer. Although he can now heal himself, he is left with awful scarring all over his body, and the film shows him searching for the man responsible for making him this way.

The film is full of superhero in jokes and references to previous films and studio rights. Obviously, the more familiar you are with films such as X Men the more of these jokes you will get, but although I have seen a lot of these films I would not call myself an expert at all, and I still picked up on most of them I think. My favourite moment may have been when Deadpool was told he was being taken to see Professor X, and he quipped

“McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines can get so confusing.”

Another element that makes Deadpool so different is the breaking of the fourth wall. He regularly talks to the camera, or talks to the audience via a voiceover during flashbacks or slow motion sequences. The stock characters from the usual superhero films are mocked during the opening credits – instead of the cast’s names we see things such as ‘British villain’, referring to the director an ‘overpaid tool’ and the writers ‘the real heroes’.

If I were to be critical of one thing I would say that some of the gore was a little gratuitous at times, but that may be just my personal taste. Overall, this was a wonderfully enjoyable film and I hope that more are made, as it definitely stands out from the crowd of franchise superhero films.


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