The Play That Goes Wrong – Duchess Theatre

The Play That Goes Wrong by Mischief Theatre is a wonderful evening of silliness and laughter. The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are performing Murder at Haversham Manor, a play set in the 1920s in the style of Agatha Christie. However it is clear as soon as you enter the auditorium that things aren’t quite going to plan. Some of the cast are in the audience looking for Winston, the missing dog, and one audience member was pulled up on stage to help put up a shelf. Before the play begins, the director, Chris (Harry Kershaw) also reminds us of some other mishaps that the Drama Society have had with previous productions (for example, due a lack of cast members they once performed ‘The Lion and the Wardrobe’).

What follows is that everything that could possibly go wrong, does so. Out of sync dialogue, concussed women, a collapsing set, doors won’t open, shelves fall down, lines are forgotten, and there’s a lot of overacting. The physical comedy is brilliant and the set design is extremely clever.

From what I understand the play was originally one act, and I feel it was maybe slightly too long. However this is me being very picky, as the cast’s timing was perfect and they must be exhausted and covered in bruises due to all the physical comedy. It’s a great night out at the theatre and is highly recommended.


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