Hobson’s Choice – Vaudeville Theatre

Hobson’s Choice by Harold Brighouse is the story of Horatio Hobson, a shoemaker in Lancashire. He refuses to gives his daughters a dowry to marry, as they are the ones who are really running his business (especially the eldest, Maggie) while he boozes in the pub. However, Maggie defies him and marries Willie Mossop to set up a rival shoemaking business.

The play is a light hearted comedy and some of the characters, particularly Maggie, are very modern in their thinking and juxtapose Hobson’s archaic misogynist views. The cast all gave fantastic performances; Naomi Frederick was strong as Maggie while Bryan Dick was sweet, innocent and kind hearted as Willie. Martin Shaw was also very funny as Hobson. The rotating set, designed by Simon Higlett, was very clever and beautiful, with the lighting emphasising the difference between Hobson’s shop and Willie and Maggie’s cellar.

A very enjoyable performance.


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