Mythos – Stephen Fry

Being more or less completely unfamiliar with Greek mythology, I was eager to read Stephen Fry’s retelling as I thought it would be an accessible introduction. I wasn’t disappointed. This was an excellent starting point for a novice like me, but I’m sure his engaging style of writing would also please those who are already very familiar with the myths.

The stories themselves are full of jealousy, deceit, love, revenge, sex and power. I particularly enjoyed learning the origins of some of the vocabulary and phrases we use today through the myths. I did find at the beginning that a lot of information was given all at once; we are introduced to a lot of characters and explained how they all relate to each other. As the book went on there was less of this, but also I think I stopped wondering how everyone related to each other and just enjoyed the stories!

This is definitely a great introduction to some of the Greek myths. I would have liked a more detailed family tree, and an index would also be great, but overall I enjoyed this very much.


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