Colossal is a comedy science fiction movie. When Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is thrown out of her boyfriend Tim’s (Dan Stevens) apartment due to her persistent drunken behaviour, she moves back to her home town and catches up with a childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). When they see a giant beast attacking Seoul in South Korea on the news, Gloria starts to see patterns with her own behaviour. Is there a link between her and the robot?

This is meant to be a comedy but I didn’t find hardly any of it funny. Anne Hathaway gives a good performance but her character started to frustrate me at times. Not as much however, as the two lead male characters who are both consistently horrible to Gloria.

I knew this would be a silly story going in but I was hoping for a bit more comedy.


Beauty and the Beast

I had been so excited about this film since it was announced, and grew even more so every time another cast member was announced as they all seemed such perfect choices. As the release date grew nearer I did start to feel a little apprehensive that it might not live up to my expectations or not be as good as the original, which I love so much. I’m so pleased that it did not disappoint in the slightest!

The film is full of nods to the original, including some exact shots, but there are also some wonderful additions. I loved the background stories to Belle and the Beast’s childhoods. The casting is indeed perfect, particularly Luke Evans as Gaston, who is hilarious! It is a beautifully shot film and is so magical.

If I had to be very picky and criticise something, I would say that Ewan McGregor’s French accent as Lumi√®re was patchy at times, but I loved the characterisation in general. I also think it was a shame that some of the songs from the West End/Broadway production weren’t used fully, but I liked that some of them were used as a background soundtrack, such as ‘Home’.

I adored this film, I laughed and I cried and I wanted to watch it again immediately as soon as it finished!